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just like you...

we were tired of always hearing about
events after they were done.

Waking up in the morning and hearing that everybody just went to a lit AF concert that you never heard of is always a strange feeling. Did you wake up in another dimension?

Fret no more! The Qatar Events team has you covered. We started off as a Twitter account that shared whatever events we could find online for you all! We then launched our Facebook page and loads of you appreciated what we were doing.


of you on

We've Grown! Grown A LOT.

Not only are we a part of the ILQ Network, The Qatar Events app is here to make your lives even more convenient. It might have a few bugs here and there, but we're committed to making this app rock and to regularly update it, so make sure you share your feedback with us. Make sure you also follow our channels so you'll get notifications whenever there's a cool new event!