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QSF Free Throw Competition

Posted On: 25 July 2017 12:00 am Updated On: 31 December 2019 01:28 pm
Categories : Sports

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REGISTRATION (July 7th-28th)

In this competition, the best free throw shooter will win. There will be a queue at the free throw line and one after another, all the participants will take a shot. If they make the shot, they will go back to the end of the line, if they miss, they will
leave the line and go outside of the court. The last player remaining in the line will win. If after being taken out, a player
pays the fee again, he will be allowed to enter the line again.


Adult (16yrs+)
- 3000 QR
- 4 Gold Passes to QSF
- 5 Free Passes to Aqua Park Youth (12-16yrs) - 2000 QR - 4 Gold Passes to QSF - Dinner for 4 at Warwick Doha - 4 Free Passes to Aqua Park FEE: Online (Includes Entrance Ticket): - Adult: 40 QR - Youth: 30 QR On the Spot: - Adult: 25 QR - Youth: 15 QR RULES: There will be two categories: adult and youth (Under 16 years old). When the free throw is being shot, both feet must be behind the line for the free throw to count REGISTRATION: http://www.qsports.qa/pages/free-throw

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