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Project Qatar 2009 -

Posted On: 8 April 2009 01:31 pm Updated On: 3 November 2022 05:24 pm
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Project Qatar 2009 -

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  • Date: 1 January 1970
  • Time: 04:00 am - 04:00 am
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What: Project Qatar 2009
When: 27-30 Apr 2009
Where: Qatar Exhibition Center


Exhibition Overview :

Project Qatar 2009: Seize Exciting Investment Opportunities at the Heart of a Fast-Moving International Construction Market

Thriving Qatar Construction Sector Draws Strong Investment from Leading International Construction Firms

Qatar’s construction sector is expanding rapidly, propelled by the country’s powerful economy, a strong tourist industry, and a flourishing real estate sector. Large-scale international construction investment is flowing into the country. Everywhere, multi-billion-dollar development projects are underway, or in the pipeline. Among the most internationally-renowned are: the $5.5 billion New Doha International Airport; the $5 billion Lusail real estate project; a $5 billion tourist project in al-Khor; the $2.5 billion Energy City; the $2.5 billion man-made Pearl Island; a $2 billion, 68km causeway linking Qatar and neighboring Bahrain; a $1.2 billion leisure city in the capital Doha; and 180 high-rise buildings. Many other ambitious projects are planned. The rapid expansion of Qatar’s construction sector, along with foreign-investor-friendly laws and regulations, including generous financial incentives and tax breaks, as well as foreign real estate ownership rights, are attracting powerful international investment from renowned global development companies. In the years to come, Qatar is set to be a magnet for leading international construction sector investors. The country’s investment potential is huge. Demand for the whole spectrum of building materials and technology is sky-rocketing.

Strong Tourism Sector Expansion Draws Hotel & Leisure Sector Investment; Ambitious Development Projects Planned

Over the next few years, Qatar expects tourist arrivals to increase by a powerful 150%. The driving force behind this strong tourism sector expansion is a government plan to develop tourism in Qatar as an essential component of an ambitious economic diversification drive. Qatar’s hotel industry expects the number of hotel rooms in the country to grow by 300% as a result of the tourism industry push. Qatar’s own population is also growing fast. Together, Qatar’s expanding tourism sector and growing housing unit demands are fuelling an unprecedented construction sector expansion which is attracting top-name international investors and a steady flow of high-power investment. The country is full of internationally-acclaimed multi-billion-dollar development projects. International real estate companies are billing Qatar as a top location and can barely keep up with client demand. In the next few years, Qatar’s hotel industry is going to require dozens of new luxury hotels, to keep up with the increase in tourist arrivals. This in turn is creating growing demand for a complete range of building materials, equipment, technology, systems and machinery.

Investment-friendly, Bustling, Cosmopolitan Qatari Capital Doha the Perfect Venue for Project Qatar 2009 Exhibition

The Qatari capital Doha is a perfect venue for the Project Qatar show. It’s an international melting-pot of business contacts, a high-powered cosmopolitan hub where East meets West, a blend of different cultures and a magnet for high-power international investment. Project Qatar 2009 will build on the success of last year’s show. The event organizers will be using years of top international exhibition experience, yet again sparing no effort to ensure that the show conforms to the highest international exhibition standards and that all the exhibitors and participants are satisfied. There is no question that attendance at Project Qatar 2009 is a guarantee of business interest advancement and top-quality product exposure. It’s a show that no leading construction sector player can afford to miss.

Project Qatar 2009: High-Power Investment Potential and Contacts at one of the Most Exciting Construction Exhibitions in the Region

Surrounded by a vibrant economy, a thriving construction sector, a flourishing real estate market and a potential-laden tourism industry, Project Qatar is going to be, yet again, a roaring success. Hundreds of top-name international construction sector exhibitors are going to pack thousands of square meters of exhibition space. The exhibition is going to bring together leading players from the fast-paced global construction world. It will be a perfect platform for high-caliber investment deals, an ideal showcase for the latest cutting-edge construction machinery, equipment, systems and material, and a treasure-chest of potentially lucrative investor contacts. It will also be attended by leading high-ranking Qatari public sector officials who will be able to offer high-power introductions to all the right people and explain the myriad benefits foreign investors enjoy when doing business in Qatar. Project Qatar is an annual highlight on the calendars of the world’s premier construction industry executives.

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