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Photo Shoot for A Cause

Posted On: 13 March 2017 05:03 am Updated On: 31 December 2019 02:17 pm
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Photo Shoot for a Cause!

April 7,2017 (1pm)

at Grand Regal Hotel-Doha

This Shoot For A Cause is intended for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).of Baby Vedasto Timotheo C. Marmol a 2-year-old boy with Reversible Obstructive Airway disease (asthma) Laryngo-Tracheo-Malacia, brain injuries (Encephalomalacia, Porencephaly; Encephalomalcia & Arachnoid Cyst, Hydrocephalus with a small head and condition spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy/mixed type epilepsy, Astigmatism and Cortical Visual impairment. Theo is a premature baby born at 35weeks last February 20, 2015, and since then he attended tons of appointments with the different specialists for his medication including the hyperbaric doctor. He was advised to do the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for about 40 and 120 sessions and this is amounting P5000.00 per session. HBOT is one of the newest treatment for cerebral palsy and it has been proven that it really treat the brain hypoxic disorder, epilepsy and improves the immune system in other countries.

The following are the working diagnosis, medicines, therapies and medical history for your reference.

Working Diagnosis
1. Reversible Obstructive Airway Disease or Asthma
2. Porencephaly Arachnoid Cyst, Encephalomalacia and Hydrocephalus with small head (no shunt)
3. Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy
4. Atypical Absence Seizure
5. Cortical Visual Impairment
6. Laryngo-Tracheo-Malacia
7. Astigmatism

To date Maintenance/Therapy

Valporoic Acid Depakene 250mg/5ml 3.2 2x a day
Topiramate Topirol 25mg 2x a day
Phenobarbital 60mg 1tablet @night
Clonazepam Rivotril 1/4 tablet twice a day

1.Seretide 25/125 mdi 1puff 2x a day
2.Salbutanmol sulfate +ipratropium 1 nebule every 6 hours *Salbutamol sulfate as needed after the salbutamol +ipratropium****as needed
3. Cetirizine Allerkid 2.5mg/1ml 1 ml once a day
4. Montelukust monalti 4mg 1 tablet @bedtime

1. Physical 2x a week
2. Occupational 2x a week
3. Speech* (After neuro-developmental pedia check-up)
4.Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 40-120 session*
5. Salt Therapy
6. Recreational Therapy*
7. Hydro Therapy*
8. Hippo Therapy*

To do
1. Swallow Study
2. Developmental Pedia Check-Up
3. Timely EEG
4. MRI after HBOT 40 sessions
5. Optha Pedia Follow-up check up
6. Rehab Doctor/Neuro Pedia Check-up
7. General Pedia Check-up as needed
8. Ankle Foot Othosis

Medical History at Birth (23 days at NICU)

1. Sepsis Neonatorum
2. Pneumonia; Pneumothorax (collapsed right lung)
3. meconium syndrome
4. congenital heart disease (PDA)
5. Hypoxia
6. Intre-Ventricular Hemorrhage
7. Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
8. Moderate Communicating Hydrocephalus
9. Revive twice

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