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The New Leaders Summit at Wyndham Doha

Posted On: 14 January 2020 07:00 am Updated On: 19 January 2020 01:22 pm
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"Thirty years ago I started working. I began my career from scratch. I had nothing except the ability to interact with people. With that ability alone I was able to establish and develop various multi millionaire companies. Some of my clients have lately been insisting that I should organise and lead a course regarding Leadership and Human resource management, where I should share for a whole day my experience and answer any of the questions that might arise during the seminar.

If you want to change 2020 and your whole life for the better I need to emphasise on the fact that knowing how to deal with people is ESSENTIAL, for your business as much as it is for you individual’s”.

Paolo Ruggeri will hold an unmissable seminar on the 17th of February in Doha. One full day in which Paolo will teach ALL of the fundamentals necessary to grow and build the strongest working teams by working only on people!

Paolo is the most known Italian business trainer in the world.
He is an expert in leadership and human development.
His books regarding the subject have been translated in 10 languages and have become best sellers in Europe and USA

Furthermore, he is also a TEDx speaker who has delivered speeches all over the world.

For anyone who is interested in the following link leads to one of Paolo’s TED talks: https://youtu.be/3GwRNjvz0AA

During the course, which constitutes in full day immersion with him, the topics which will be covered are the following (not necessarily in order):

  1. Essential basics; Human characteristics, an individual’s key partner, the importance of a great and final goal, essential management tools.
  2. How to influence and motivate people
  3. Economic incentives that help you increase your staff’s productivity
  4. How to make sure that your employees do the work that you want them to do as best as possible
  5. Staff training: How to organise your staff’s training, how many trainings are necessary and what to focus on their training depending on their specialisation
  6. Who you need to fire
  7. How to recruit and attract champions for your company, those who will help you and bring new assets to your work group/business
  8. The trial period and start-up
  9. How to attract and develop talents
  10. How to keep people involved and not loose members in your company
  11. Q&A

Each of the participants will receive an exclusive manual which will have all of the necessary information with practical activities each person can apply straight away in the company.

“Knowing how to deal with people is the most important skill you need to know in this modern world. The rest, believe me, you can already find it on the market”

I guarantee that participation will bring lots of benefits to you for the next years coming

Registrations will be closed in advance in case the number of participants exceeds a certain limit.

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