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Mudra Psytrance Gathering at Liquidity

Posted On: 24 October 2018 12:14 pm Updated On: 31 December 2019 01:47 pm
Categories : Arts & Culture

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  • Phone: 66844647

Interstellar traveler Mudra has reached to another solar system, a universe inhabited by an advanced mechanical species.

In this chapter, we are bringing to life a sounds of advanced technologies. High BPM pulsating frequencies filled with special effects producing a pure psychedelic experience.

Inner I
Rodrigo S

Interactive Visual Projection by DARIO

Dress Code: Come as you are! However, nudity is prohibited due to Hotel policy.

Location: Crowne Plaza Doha - The Business Park, Doha
Date: Friday 5 October, Doors open at 5pm. Step in early for a chill out vibes and get comfortable, everything is about togetherness in here.

Tickets: free for everyone and 3free drinks for ladies.
Valet Parking Available.
For table reservations: SMS us at 77209802, 66282184, 66844647.
Entry: 21+

This is an out-of-comfort-zone event specially tailored for psychedelic art lovers, so make sure to bring only positive vibes in with you!
Mudra is where we all together enjoy the present moment, so before we enter the venue, let's all leave the worries that every-day lifestyle brings to our lives!
We are looking forward to seeing you all on May 3.
'Till then, have a wonderful week ahead!

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