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Digital Photography Course

Posted On: 30 April 2018 06:01 am Updated On: 31 December 2019 02:58 pm
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This 8-hour course is aimed at beginners with little to no experience with camera settings and photo composition. It's the perfect starting point for any photography newbie.

The purpose of this course is to get you comfortable using your DSLR camera, its most useful functions and get ready to confidently put them to work. Gaining a solid understanding of must-know photographic terminology and composition techniques for creating compelling photographs.

Course Format

· Duration: 8 hours / 4 sessions

· 2 sessions - presentation

· 2 sessions - field visit for practice

· Class notes included: Photographer's field guide (digital format).

What You Will Need

· Your DSLR camera or any point and shoot with Manual controls

· Selection of lenses you own

· Fully charged batteries

· A Tripod (if you have one)

· An empty memory card for your camera

· A notebook


“Very consistent course, delivering the fundamentals of photography through examples without getting bombarded with technicalities and infinite theories. All the examples took life during the field-photo-sessions. This course is ideal for beginners who do not want to spend countless hours reading books and reviewing manuals.”
— George Touliatos
“I must say I was a bit skeptical but after completing the first 2 sessions I have been pleasantly surprised. This course is very competitive and helpful. I took some digital photography classes in college and this course is proving to be more helpful than those classes as well.”
— Ellison Rogers
“This course is amazing, I have learned an incredible amount not just about my Camera, but also about composition, light, focus technique and, much more... it has improved my photography as a whole, and I thank much Victor for the input. It has answered many questions I had about photography, that books did not.”
— Nicole Finley
“I always wanted to be able to take photos like a professional. Victor can help you achieve that! I enrolled into his course and acquired a solid foundation in photography. He explained to us all the fundamental techniques and principles of digital photography and then we moved to the practice sessions using our cameras. We acquired the know-how through applying the concepts and techniques into real-life scenarios. He is a great person and photographer and highly recommend his courses.”
— Kiriakos Skarpas
“I was a total beginner to DSLR photography and I enjoyed the course. It was informative, and the topics were in a progressive order. I am so glad I persevered and completed the whole course. I will use your site for more knowledge and assistance. Thank you, Victor.”
— Adam Nelms

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