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Kizomba Workshop with Helio Santos

Posted On: 14 January 2020 07:00 am Updated On: 20 January 2020 09:02 am
Categories : Arts & Culture
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Events Details

Salsa n Candela proudly present "Helio Santos " , the legendery Kizomba artist ,who has been an inspiration to many kizomba enthusiasts and generations throughout the years .

The workshop will be held on March 21 & 22 at Music & Arts Atelier :

March 21 : Kizomba Basic level from 6 PM -8 PM
March 22 : Kizomba intermediate Level from 6:30 PM -8:30 PM
March 22 : Connection ALL levels from 8:30 PM -10:30 PM

Package prices constitute of:
OPTION 1: 4 hours ( 2 hours Kizomba, 2 hours Connection )
QAR 400 Early Bird till end of Jan 2020
QAR 450 Early Bird till end of Feb 2020
QAR 500 as of March 1 2020

OPTION 2: 6 hours (2 hours kizomba beginners, 2 hours kizomba intermediate & 2 hours Connection )
QAR 550 Early Bird till end of Jan 2020
QAR 600 Early Bird till end of Feb 2020
QAR 650 as of March 1 2020

Pre registration and payment is required in order to book your spot, please email [email protected] or WhatsApp 33003839.

For more details about Helio Santos please visit https://www.helio-santos.com/

Do not miss this opportunity !!!


Saturday 21 March
1. 1hr - Kizomba and its evolution
2. 1hr - Kizomba - Combinations, & Leading & follow
Saturday's party with Hélio.

Sunday 22 March
3. 1hr - Kizomba - the simplicity of movement
4. 1hr - Kizomba - Musicality Semba & Tarraxinha
5. 1hr - Connection
6. 1hr - Connection


The connection is and has always been an important aspect of any dance, be it Kizomba (where it forms a major part of the dance), Salsa, Bachata or Tango. Through Helio's 'Connection' session which is based on the concept of 'Sibitchi Dance', a concept he developed a few years ago, Helio takes the dancer through a journey of self-awareness, a realisation, and an acknowledgement of the presence of the other.

'Sibitchi' which in Cape Verde (Helio's home country) stands for a set of pebbles which represent a symbol of the transformation of human suffering into creative energy. It finds its origins in the rituals and dances of the slaves in Cape Verde during Colonisation. Dances that later formed a major part of Cape Verde's culture.

Dancers that have experienced Helio's connection session, have described it as an emotional, intense and deeply personal experience which seeks to lead the participants to express personal anxieties through dancing and singing.

An experience which leads you to be better, in life and in Dance.

Hélio Santos

Hélio Santos is a Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer. He was born in Cabo Verde and currently lives in Lisbon.

He is one of the pioneers of Kizomba dance and was a part of the first generation of Kizomba teachers, who were responsible for bringing Kizomba out of Africa and introducing it to the world.

In his early childhood, Hélio danced the traditional dances from Cabo Verde, namely Coladeira, Morna, Mazurka, Batuque, Funana and Kola San Jon. Kizomba, or "Passada" in Cabo Verde, was something he always had by his side. In Cabo Verde, it is not taught, because it is a part of the culture of the country. Consequently, Hélio developed his own personal style in Kizomba, and his teaching methodology was personally developed as a result of his life path, and his experiences travelling around the world teaching Kizomba.

Hélio concluded his studies at P.A.R.T.S. (The Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) and got a scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian.

He is the founder of the project KizombaXtreme and also created a Kizomba DVD in 2015 known as "The 7 Pillars of Kizomba Xtreme".

He went on to publish one of the first articles about Kizomba dance in collaboration with Guilherme, entitled "Elements Of Cabo Verdean Dances In Kizomba", which can be found on his website www.helio-santos.com.

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