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IACQ Anime Lovers Meet-up!

Posted On: 17 May 2018 02:51 pm Updated On: 31 December 2019 02:17 pm
Categories : Community

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Do you love to watching anime during your free time? Do you spend too much effort in creating fan arts and fan fiction of your favorite anime characters? Have you memorize even the opening songs of your favorite series and sing them almost everyday?

Well, it's your time to shine now!

Join us together with your fellow Qatar Otaku and Geeks for some small get-together.
Make friends and enjoy your weekend chatting your favorite hobby with us!

Share us your favorite anime, your favorite characters and your favorite scenes! You can show off your works, your merchandises and your anime collections. Or you can just go as yourself. No problem!

Also, bring snacks you can share (and water too just in case!) :'D

This is open to everyone in Doha, Qatar.
Note that this is an open event, IACQ is not affiliated with ASPIRE Park. This gathering is a community meet-up where it aims to target people with related interest to meet and have fun.

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