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Digital Athletes: Hurdling Game

Posted On: 23 February 2021 07:30 am Updated On: 2 March 2021 10:05 am
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Digital Athletes Hurdling Game

Events Details

Participants will use different software of coding to create a race with customized rules and designs for different racing spectrums.

Day 1: Design The Game

The first session is designed to introduce the concepts of video game design and development and participants will learn how to build their own jumping video game, using the “BUILDBOX” software

Day 2: Program The Game

Participants will continue building the video game by adding the losing scenario, and the scoring system. They will also design the “GAMEOVER” user-interface.

Day 3: Design Level 02

In this day, participants will continue working on game by adding a second level, with higher difficulty and complexity.

Day 4: Design Level 03

Participants will continue to work on the game by adding a third level, with higher difficulty & complexity.

Day 5: Build and test the Game

Participants will program the navigation between the different levels of the game, and add background sound to it. They will also build and test the final game for production.

  • For ages: 11 - 14 years old
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Upto 30 attendees only

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